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Crackle Eggs Easter Craft

Crackle eggs

Crackle Eggs Instructions

Drop an Egg? Cracked while boiling? No problem!

You will need:

  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • PAAS® Egg Dyeing Kit


  1. Start with clean, cool hard boiled eggs.
  2. This is perfect for any eggs you may have dropped or cracked while cooking. If you didn’t break any, lightly tap the egg against your counter to crack the eggshell. The more cracked it is, the cooler the end result!
  3. Place the cracked egg into the dye bath of your choice and dye according to PAAS® Coloring Instructions. PAAS Coloring PDF
  4. Remove egg, place in drying tray, and let dry.
  5. Once the egg is completely dry you will have a cool crackle effect!